More workshops will be coming in 2022.

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Want to learn how to do Quantum-Touch®? If you would like to learn how to do Quantum-Touch, I hold 2-day Level I and Level II workshops at various times during the year.

Level 1 – $500 (EarlyBird $420)
Level 2 – $630 (EarlyBird $525)

What people are saying about my workshops

Patricia is an excellent teacher, she not only made the workshop very interesting, it was enjoyable too. (Being used to a Nana nap at 75 years old, I did not nod off at any time) Patricia was very encouraging and supportive as well. I could go on but I will say this, she is one of the best teachers I have come across.


I went to see a friend today that I have not seen for quite some time she was in lots of pain from a back inquire, been to the chiro day before, she knew I did QT touch and asked if I could help, not only was she socked at what happened so was I, all I did was stand back and run energy and left the rest to her, anyway she was totally fixed and I got lots of hugs & kisses. When I get the energy going I find it really hard to turn off I just want to keep going I think I have found my path in life I am so grateful for QT.


I have used QT on my family and now my son comes to me for all aches and pains. Thanks for the wonderful training session. I think I am interested in QT2 training as of now.
Thanks and hugs


Thank you for a wonderful weekend! You are a blessing! I was glowing when I went to work today. My first resident of the day, I noticed her chronic pressure area on her ankle (it is usually an ulcer or a slightly healed scab) was inflamed with a slight scab on it, she admitted it was very painful on rest and walking. I spent 15 minutes just doing QT and the result was, there was no longer any pain and she went for a small walk with me!! So from her I thank you also.

Kate H

You are absolutely inspirational, I can constantly hear you talking to me in my head, I love it!!!! I just want to run around healing the world. I love it. Thank you.

Oh boy do I have a million questions for you!!!!!! I was thinking so much about my mate with the broken feet this weekend, and distance healing him. Yesterday I got a text from him to say his wife told him to text me cos he was talking to her and telling her how on Sunday night he was so energised at work and felt like a million bucks. How cool is that!!!!!!

Jason went riding on Sunday morning and felt his knees were amazing from about 10am so as you can imagine I’m exploding with love and happiness.

Thank you for leading me to the door xxxx


On Saturday both Mike and I had the day off so we were able to have a little family outing to the shops and decided to have a coffee.  As Mike came back to the table where I was giving Hudson (11 months) his bottle he reached out and grabble for a cup of the hot coffee, I wasn’t quick enough.  I took the bulk of the coffee all over my lap and he got it all over is little arm.  I whipped off his fleece, rolled up his sleeve and the only other thing I could think to do whilst running water on his arm was to run energy to stop the screaming.  I did about 5 fire breaths in a row and then for about ten minutes of running energy, he finally stopped crying.  The red mark had totally disappeared by the time we got home from the shops.  It was an unreal experience.

Hudson is also teething at the moment so if I’ve had 5 hours sleep over the last week and a half its a lot but every time he has woken us up I’ve just held him and run energy until he has gone back to sleep, which hasn’t taken long and surprisingly I haven’t been as exhausted as I’ve felt in the past.

I do find that I’m running energy every time I think about it and it seems to be increasing all the time.

Lots of love


I thought I would let you know how things have been going since I did the basic workshop with you in Bunbury in February.

I’ve had 6 or 7 QT requests by clients at the beauty salon that I work at. Was quite nervous at first, but read a quote on the Quantum Touch website from another QT student which said, in a nutshell “100% of me is enough”. It referred to giving a QT session your full attention and having faith that what you’re doing is enough.  It was that “trust” factor with me again. But the quote rang a bell, and I often remember it.  100% of me is enough.  I do quite a lot of Reiki sessions at work as well, and I have found that I automatically use QT breathing and sweeping during those sessions. The results of combining the 2 modalities have amplified the results clients are getting.  I lay my hands on clients whilst doing Reiki, and I got the biggest thrill when, during a combined QT/Reiki session, that I actually felt the client’s muscles/skin/whatever it was moving under my hands.  I initially thought it was my imagination, but the client commented on it at the end of the session.  Blew me away.  I felt like a powerhouse of energy that day!  Thank you for bringing QT into my life!  Keep up the good work.


A wonderful experience. Thank you.  I found being able to interact with others very, very valuable.


Patricia exuded calmness and patience and I felt, tolerated my never ending questions with such patience.  The magnitude of the multiple uses of Quantum-Touch is only now sinking in.  Both liberating and mind-blowing!!!


Great empathy with students – careful to make sure everyone understands.


A gentle, sincere and honest manner.  Class comfortable as a result.  An enjoyable experience.  Thank you!


Level II Workshops feedback

Illuminating.  A totally different experience from Level 1 in that the workshop explores the many applications that can be used by running energy from the heart.

I found the Amplified Resonance Technique simpler and easier to use and the explanations of areas of the brain; non obvious muscles and tendons for structural alignment particularly informative especially for someone who may have little anatomical knowledge. Essential for directing energy exactly where intended.

As a practising holistic therapist for more than 20 years I am always excited to participate in and explore new paradigms of healing.  Healing the infant was a particularly enlightening aspect of QT Level 2.  One participant that I worked with during this segment allowed herself to experience profound insight into the circumstances of her birth and the earliest days/weeks of her life.  It was so special to have been part of that experience for her.

Margaret Roy