Patricia Johnston – energy worker

I help people in physical and emotional pain to release their blockages, balance their energies and break through to a fuller, richer life with more freedom.

I have been a Certified Quantum-Touch® Practitioner since late 2004, a QT Level I Instructor since December 2006 and a QT Level II Instructor since November 2013. 

I first became interested in hands on healing work in the early 1980s when I was introduced to Richard Gordon’s book “Your Healing Hands – The Polarity Experience”.  Over the years I have attended courses in Swedish massage and Bowen Therapy.  

How May I Help You?

Here are the different ways I can help you.

Private healing in person

A private healing session conducted at my premises in Noranda, Western Australia. Prior to confirming a booking with you, I will request some details about what physical, mental, etc healing you are seeking so that I can ensure I am the right person to help you.

Private healing over a distance

A private healing session conducted over a distance via phone call or video call. Whether you are two metres or thousands of kilometres away, the healing will work just as effectively. I have had a great deal of success using this method and have clients all over the world.

Learn energy healing

Learn to heal yourself, your loved ones or anyone you want! I run various workshops throughout the year all over Australia and also online. To find out more, please visit my workshops page.

Methods I Use

These are the modalities I am trained in, have loads of experience with and use the most. When you work with me I am usually guided by my intuition as to which will be most effective for you. However, if you are seeking a specific modality, then I am more than happy to accommodate you.

Quantum Touch®

Quantum-Touch® is vibrational energy work (can be hands-on or off) and works just as effectively using distance healing. When a practitioner holds a high vibration, the client aligns to that vibration which allows their body to heal itself. Your body is amazing.


Breathwork allows you to release trauma from the body which causes pain and tension. It also can help release those “old stories” from the past that you no longer need. It works well when used with traditional talking therapies as well.


Psych-K works with the subconscious mind. Have you ever said affirmations over and over again with no results? Psych-K can lock those affirmations into your subconscious mind easily with a simple “balance”. Our subconscious beliefs rule our lives!

Got a question?

If you’d like to talk to me on the phone, click the button below to request a call back.

Upcoming workshops

Workshops will be returning in 2022. To express an interest in attending a workshop near you, or if you would like to be notified of new workshops, please let me know via the contact form.

Want to learn how to do Quantum-Touch®? If you would like to learn how to do Quantum-Touch®, I hold 2-day Level I and Level II workshops at various times during the year.  For more information contact me or…

Acknowledgement of Country

I acknowledge the Whadjuk people of the Noongar nation as the traditional custodians of this land and its waters.

I pay my respects to Noongar elders past and present, and acknowledge their wisdom.